I would like to say huge thank you to Sofiya for the transformation that she brought to my life. During our meetings, she used so many interesting frameworks that helped me to uncover different areas of myself that I haven’t even known about. There were some topics that I was afraid of talking about, I was thinking about some things that I wanted, however the feeling of dissatisfaction was always with me. With Sofiya’s help I was able to look on the problem from the different angle. That helped me a lot. If you are still thinking whether to start sessions with her – you will definitely love her approach and her personality!

Anna Zhabina
Founder of Netizens Ltd, London

I had a positive coaching experience with Sofiya. Even though I did not expect much initially, session turned out to be very helpful. Sofiya was very attentive and guided me through my thoughts and ideas toward the target goal we identified in the beginning of the session. I would recommend Sofiya as a coach and felt that her questions guided myself through my head and made me realised that I have all the answers.

Yana Terebenina
Director of Mark Lighting Limited, London

I had a great chance to experience a coach session for the first time in my life. That was quite unusual for me but I tried to be as frank as possible. Speaking about the things which I enjoyed, I’d like to say that the atmosphere was friendly and trustful, so I felt quite comfortable. Some of the questions made me think about my issues in a new way, I managed to realize my main priorities. On the whole, that was really a very nice experience for me and I am very thankful for the given opportunity.

Anna Pitanova
Translator, London

Sofyia is a great listener and has the capacity to eliminate a lot of cognitive bias and irrelevant options in our dissections of life options. She’s very professional and funny and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking some clarity on what they are doing in this crazy world!

Sales Executive, London

I really enjoyed a discovery session with Sofiya. Time just flied as we discussed a number of things, Sofiya’s questions were very thought-provoking and on spot. She is a very knowledgeable expert and a lovely inspiring person who motivates people and helps them make one of the most important life changes and open a path to fulfilment and happiness. Her own story is a testament to this. Thank you so much, Sofiya!

Business Development Manager, London
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