I was always busy with something.

I was always busy with something.

I was always busy with something.

So I wrote down long to do lists to navigate my days.

I would make a note of every deadline, unanswered email or pending whatever.

And if I couldn’t put a tick next to the task.

I would feel really anxious.

Because everything seemed like an emergency.

Trying to keep up with emergencies daily.

Felt like running a treadmill.

And every day someone was increasing the speed.

At some point, I felt out of breath…

…and I stopped.

I asked myself.

Why am I doing this?

The answer was…

I simply confused urgent and important things in life.

I would fill my day and mind with deadlines and urgencies.

But I could forget to call my mother back…

What scares me the most…

It is not just me.

That’s the culture we are living in.

We live in a culture where…

People postpone doctor’s appointment because they feel ashamed to take time off work.

People prioritise work over personal relationships and family.

Our culture glorifies running a treadmill.

So people start to believe that it is really important.

But the truth is…

If you run a treadmill.

No matter how fast you run.

You will never get anywhere.

But you will get tired as hell!

Your life is not about running towards deadlines.

Your life is about living Life…

With a capital L.

And it’s only possible.

When you focus on the important.

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