Be realistic

Be realistic

Be realistic.

Who said that you can make things happen?

I was thinking to myself…

Pretty much most of my life.

Because my past experience constantly reminded me of the times when…

I failed.

I failed entry exams to one of the top universities in Moscow.

So I had to go to an average university.

I failed the English test when I was applying for a Master’s degree.

So my arrival in London was postponed.

I failed at job interviews.

So I felt stuck with career progression for over a year.

You know what was the most painful thing in all these situations?

I worked really hard to achieve my goals.

Yet every time I failed!

I surely missed something in my preparation…

So once I asked a friend to help me rehearse for an interview.

As we finished the standard list of questions.

She asked me the final one…

“Do you actually believe that you can get this job?”

And I said “No”.

I simply couldn’t believe that I could get what I wanted!

I suddenly realized that no matter how hard I tried?

Nothing would work out…

Because I had ZERO self-belief.

So self-belief became the number one thing I started to work on.

I stopped regretting my past failures.

Instead, I’m treating them as valuable experience.

I stopped blaming myself for making mistakes.

Instead, I’m thinking of how I can learn from them.

I stoped concentrating on negative scenarios.

Instead, I’m remembering every small and big achievement I’ve ever made.

You know what happened next?

My self-belief became the main ingredient for achieving every goal I had in mind.

I got accepted to Cambridge University.

Something I couldn’t dream of a couple of years ago.

I started pursuing the career I have always wanted.

And I’m succeeding in it!

Stop being your worst enemy who sabotages every attempt to succeed.

And become your own best friend who supports and unconditionally believes that you can make things happen.

Don’t underestimate the power of self-belief.

Because if you have it.

You can move mountains with it.

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  1. Sofiya. A powerful blog. So true – self-belief is mission-critical to looking after our own best interests.

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