I should get married before 30.

I should get married before 30.

I should get married before 30.

I repeated these words like a mantra in my head.

Partly because I was brought up this way.

Partly because everyone around me was getting married in their 20s.

So I believed that was the right way of living.

Years went by…

And I was not getting any closer to buying a wedding dress.

So I started thinking…

If it’s not happening.

Maybe something is wrong with me…

Maybe some evil eye looked at me in childhood?

And I was cursed since then.

I even considered going to an astrologist.

Because I needed reassurance that my happy future was secured.


The astrologist appointment didn’t happen.

Because I realized that the only wrong thing with me was…

My attempts to constantly meet the expectations of others.

I understood that…

What I should do.

And what I want to do.

Are two very different things.

The mantra I repeated in my head…

Was supported by the voices of other people.

I allowed them to speak so loud…

That I couldn’t hear my own voice.

Just imagine…

How often do we do something because it is expected of us?

We should go to a particular university because our parents think it’s better for us.

We should choose a particular career path because everyone says you can earn more money there.

We keep doing what we SHOULD.

Because others say that’s the right way.

But the problem is…

The “right” way doesn’t always mean it’s your way.

So my new mantra is?

Listen to my own voice first.

Do what I genuinely want to do.

And now?

I don’t worry about the future that much.

Because I chose my way and I am following it.


There is one thing you should be doing is creating the life you want.

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